Restaurant near Besalú l'Arcada de Fares


  • Open to everybody: Guests and non-guests
  • Open from Friday lunch to Sunday lunch , weekends and holidays

    In August it opens from Thursday lunch to Sunday lunch.
  • Packed lunch.
  • Specialized in grilled meat, assorted sausages from the country and salads
  • Big children's play area ( playground, soccer field and volleyball ).
  • Pets are welcome on the terrace of our restaurant and you can also enjoy our agility area for them.

Our restaurant is open to our guests as well as visitors that are looking to enjoy a good meal in a warm and charming setting.  It is open on weekends—from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon—, holidays, and long weekends.  We offer à la carte menu, as well as table d'hôte meals. In August, the restaurant is open every day for lunch and dinner. For questions or bookings, please call (+34) 972-590-855, or stop by Reception, open daily from 9:00 to 19:30.

There are meal options for groups and special events that can be customized to your taste and needs. We can hold your events on weekends and holidays, as well as during the week.

In our restaurant, we specialize in traditional Catalan cuisine: grilled meats, roasts, cold cuts, various salads, and grilled fish, among others, using always ingredients of the hightest quality: fresh fish, meats from La Garrotxa, etc.

We are specialists in calçotades (meals based on grilled green onions served with romesco sauce for dipping, followed by a barbecue of grilled meats) for groups or families, from December to the end of March.  Guests are welcome to visit our open grills in the back to see how the calçots are cooked.

The setting of the restaurant is superb, surrounded by 4000 m2 of gardens and an extensive outdoor parking area.  There is a large playground with a sandbox, swings, and a slide, so that kids can play while parents enjoy a leisurely cup of coffee and dessert.  There is no need to worry, as the playground is easily supervised by parents from within the restaurant through the window.  We also have football goals and a volleyball net.  All in all, the restaurant at l’Arcada de Fares is a warm, relaxing environment, ideal for families with children.

Ask about our menu and our weekend meals in order to get a customized proposal.

Boarding options for our guests:

  • Breakfast, adults:  10 €
  • Breakfast, children under 11:  8 €


- We can pack your lunch for you, so you can take it with you on your visits.

- On weekends and holidays, or every day in August, you can request to have freshly baked bread and pastries brought to your apartment the next morning, so you can have a wonderful private breakfast.

- Specialized groups and celebrations.
- Letter menu on festive menu , children's menu , menus for groups.
- Ample outdoor parking .
- Terrace in front of the playground for snacks or dinner .

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L'Arcada de Fares


L'Arcada de Fares

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